I’m Dangerous Tonight (1990)

imdangerousposterIn light of the recent, awesome news that Twin Peaks will be returning for a third season in 2016, we thought we’d dedicate Day 13 of 31 Days of Horror to one of its stars: Mädchen Amick. So we busted out the VCR and finally played Tobe Hooper’s 1990 made-for-tv film I’m Dangerous Tonight.

Amick plays Amy, a meek, orphaned college girl living with her well-to-do aunt and cousin. Her family and friends walk all over her, until she comes across a red cloak that seems to have magical powers! It made her soon-to-be boyfriend hot with anger and he nearly killed his fellow student while wearing it! But the cloak has a different effect on Amy; instead of making her violent, it makes her horny! She makes a sexy little dress out of it and tries stealing her cousin’s boyfriend. It kind of worked, until she took the dress off and she snapped out of her sexed-up stupor! The next day her cousin demands the dress and goes on a murderous rampage. Can Amy’s professor (Anthony Perkins) get the dress in time to save its next victim from destruction, or does he have his own motives for obtaining the mysterious cloak?

I honestly don’t have much to say about this one. It has that unmistakable made-for-tv vibe that I can never really put my finger on, except to say that it’s obviously cheaply made. Nothing about this film belies that Tobe Hooper is the director, so if you’re hoping to see some of his trademark stuff, you’re not gonna find it here. Amick is pretty good in her role, switching between the prude and the hornball (though her dance moves leave an awful lot to be desired). Anthony Perkins plays the professor pretty eerily from the very beginning; there’s no real shock or surprise at the idea that he might be up to no good. Personally, if I’d been in charge of casting I would have made the professor Donald Pleasance, but that’s just me; I have a thing. The cast is rounded out with Dee Wallace as a crazy old bitch who gets her hands on the red dress and murders people all over town, and she’s always pretty good. In the end I guess this movie’s pretty all right; if it happened to be on television I wouldn’t turn it off. Of course, no one watches movies on tv anymore so this scenario is not likely to happen ever again. I wonder if anyone will see this movie ever? I tried finding other reviews for it on the web and came up pretty much empty-handed, which is weird for a place as vast and strange (or stupid) as the internet!


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