Logan’s Run (1976)

We’ve all heard the phrase “life ends at thirty,” though I think none of us take it as seriously as the characters who inhabit the world of Logan’s Run. For them, life actually does end at thirty; but at least you get to go out in a blaze of glory. Once your life-clock hits its fourth decade, it’s off to Carrousel with you, where you wear an awesome bodysuit with flames on it, float up into the air and explode, all in the name of “Renewal.”

Carrousel: it's a blast. You're gonna love it.

Carrousel: it’s a blast. You’re gonna love it.

But, of course, there are some folks in this world who don’t believe in Renewal. They believe once you’re through with Carrousel, you’re just through. Toast. Curtains. So instead of go through with it, they run. The Establishment employs Sandmen to pursue and kill runners. One such Sandman is our hero, Logan (Michael York). He’s not the best at his job, but he’s okay enough. Perhaps that is why he is selected by the great computer to go undercover to find out where the hell all those runners have gotten off to. He’s expendable. And that’s when Logan’s perception of reality begins to crumble…

Stick 'em up, York!

Stick ’em up, York!

Ah, there is nothing like a good dystopian sci-fi flick to get you questioning social norms! The story isn’t so different from some others you’ve probably seen, but it does take some interesting turns along the way. I mean, I have to admit, the thought of a time-clock in the palm of your hand dictating whether or not you have the right to live or die is pretty frightening. Even worse is knowing that the all-knowing computer can advance your clock by as far along as it likes, all in the name of keeping the peace. Logan’s Run‘s message to its audience is pretty darn clear: when your government says it’s going to kill you at thirty for your own good, you probably should run!

Chokers are hot.

Chokers are hot.


All that sci-fi social commentary aside, Logan’s Run is a damn fine-lookin’ movie, and that’s not just because there’s only one old guy in it! The costumes in this film are pretty bomb; I mean, check out Jenny’s Ankh! That’s one thing you’ve got to hand to science fiction flicks of this vintage; they’ve got style. And that’s why I shake my head in sadness at the news (or, perhaps, non-news) that someone someday (maybe) might remake this movie. No matter who it ends up being, I have no doubt it will have about as much style as a burlap sack.

Am I too cynical?


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