The Hidden (1987)

Strangely familiar...

Strangely familiar…

Welcome to Los Angeles, a city that thrives on pretense and secrets. Nobody is ever really what they seem, from actors and producers to bank-robbers and… FBI Agents? Well, at least that’s the case in The Hidden, a goofily awesome horror/sci-fi flick starring none other than Kyle MacLachlan as said FBI Agent. That’s right, before he was Agent Cooper he played Agent Lloyd Gallagher, a strange fellow on the hunt for an even stranger one…

Gallagher’s first stop: LAPD, Detective Tom Beck (Michael Nouri). For a manhunt like this, Gallagher’s going to need the best man for the job, and apparently Detective Beck is the only

He's from "up."

He’s from “up.”

acceptable candidate. He’s in high-demand, but can’t turn down the feds when they ask for his help. Seems like a pretty open and shut case, though: the guy Gallagher’s looking for is Jack DeVries (Chris Mulkey, a.k.a. Hank Jennings also from Twin Peaks!) a regular guy turned nutcase who was just pumped full of lead and burnt to a crisp by half the LAPD. When

Gallagher rushes to the hospital to find him, Beck and his colleagues can’t see what all the fuss is about. The bad guy’s down and about to die! Things of course are a little more complicated than the cops are prepared for. DeVries is slumped and dead by the time Gallagher gets to the

I always wanted to know what makes this guy tick...

I always wanted to know what makes this guy tick…

hospital, which some folks think should be considered good news. What they don’t know is DeVries was gone long before his two-week crime-spree. See, his body has been taken over by an incredibly disgusting alien, who hops from body to body stealing fast cars, robbing banks, and killing anyone who gets in his way. A dead DeVries means the alien has a fresh, new body to exploit! What we have here is no open-and-shut federal case, but an intergalactic game of hide and seek!

This movie is so much fun, I wanted to watch it a second time immediately after the first. I love seeing a baby-faced Kyle MacLachlan (this came out only a year after Blue Velvet) playing a

Everything is creepier when mannequins are involved.

Everything is creepier when mannequins are involved.

goofy and awkward FBI Agent. It is a perfect mix of action (car chases, gun fights, bank robberies), horror (I mean, that alien!) and science fiction (again, that alien). I can’t help but think David Lynch must have seen this before writing Twin Peaks. Admittedly I first thought of it because it’s not often you see Chris Mulkey and Kyle MacLachlan in the same film, but the similarities definitely go beyond that. Both are about the secrets hidden beneath the surface of everything and everyone. Both are, on some level, about possession, either physical, mental or otherwise. And most obviously, both have MacLachlan playing FBI Agents in search of something far more than just the answer to a simple mystery. To top it all off, this movie actually has a really awesome ending! Most movies of this flavor tend to disappoint towards the end, but this one definitely does not. I strongly recommend you try and get your hands on this! Unfortunately, it is out of print, so renting can be sort of tricky (it sat on the top of my Netflix queue [yes, I still rent DVDs from Netflix] for a long time before they finally delivered it to me), but I think it can be easily found and purchased from many vendors on the internet – and believe me, it will be well worth your time and money!


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    That hairstyle is unreal!

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