Dominique is Dead (1979)

There are movies that wow, and movies that disgust. Both are better than movies that do nothing. Dominique is Dead is, unfortunately, such a nothing movie. It commits the worst sin a movie could commit: it’s boring. It’s flat. It’s tired.  All of that being said, it’s not terrible, horrible, or even bad. It’s just kind of there, and that’s just the worst.

Dominique & David

Dominique & David

Dominique is a wealthy woman whose husband David is trying to convince her that she is insane. He plants things where they shouldn’t be, steals things and implicates her, fires people and tells her she did it, all in the service of hopefully getting her cash someday, with her out of the picture. Well, David gets what he wants, or so it seems. Dominique finally kills herself, unable to take the psychological abuse from her husband and the distance from everyone else in her life any longer.

That plotting David, you can just tell he's a peach.

That plotting David, you can just tell he’s a peach.

David thinks he’s home free, but soon is haunted by what he is convinced to be Dominique’s spirit. Of course, things aren’t so simple and straight-forward, but if I said any more, I’d be giving away all of Dominique‘s secrets. Which, let’s be honest, really wouldn’t be that big a deal, you can probably already guess what’s going on by the time you get to this point in the film anyway.

But the joke's on David, for he will be dead... soon!

But the joke’s on David, for he will be dead… soon!

When I watch movies like this, I always wonder how they managed to get released on dvd when there are so many more deserving films out there that haven’t been. Like I said, this movie is okay, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table at all. I mean, I guess it has some sort of big names in it, but dang, what a snoozer!

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