LOL (2012)

LOLWe all make mistakes, and perhaps no one understands that more these days than Miley Cyrus. Lucky for me, the biggest mistake I’ve made recently is pretty venial, but horrible all the same: I watched LOL, a terribly stupid and thoughtless piece of garbage starring none other than Ms. Cyrus and an apparently desperate-to-be-in-anything Demi Moore.

I’m not even sure it’s worth a plot outline, but here goes anyway because I’ve got time tonight: Lola (Cyrus) is a teenage girl who wears terrible clothes and plays around on her phone and Mac a lot. Her parents are split up, and she is like, totally best friends with her mom (Moore). In fact, she seems to come from a long line of poorly-parented parents; her grandmother actually advises her that “It’s good to eat when you’re sad.”

She, like, totally loves this guy at school who looks like a model and plays guitar. His dad doesn’t want him to play guitar though, because in order to be successful you have to hate life. So like, he plays his guitar anyway and despite some Three’s Company-esque misunderstandings Lola and model-boy get back together just in time for model-boy’s dad to see him play his music live and to finally understand what makes his son tick.

Life is just so full of love, loneliness, misunderstanding, hope, and wonder, ya know? I mean, like, I learned so much watching this movie! Like, it’s really hard to be a parent. Also, we all make mistakes, but it’s like totally cool because people will love you no matter how horrible you are!

To paraphrase a friend of mine, it’s great to watch dumb movies, because they make you feel smart. And perhaps after trying to muddle my way through the talky-sci-fi confusion of Primer I needed some mind-numbing entertainment. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I’ve just got to watch some horrible, mainstream movie that is completely pointless, sad, and disgusting. Got to keep in touch with the youngsters, right?


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