The Twonky (1953)

The incredulous Professor West

The incredulous Professor West

Everyone knows television is bad for you, but no one knows this quite as intimately as Professor Kerry West, the main character (or victim?) in The Twonky. See, his wife went away for the week to visit her sister, and knowing that a man alone, even if he is a professor, can’t possibly take care of or entertain himself on his own, shrewdly buys her husband a television to keep him company!

What she doesn’t know, of course, is this isn’t just any old television; no, it’s actually an alien invader who wants to take over the Earth! At least, that’s one theory the Professor comes up with to explain the strange things that are happening, most

The offending television!

The offending television!

notably the fact that the “television” can walk on its four legs, light his pipe, and break his dishes, among many other (and sometimes even useful) things!

Based on a short story I’ve of course never read by Henry Kuttner, The Twonky might be one of the lamest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s not terrible, and it’s even funny in some parts, but the movie as a whole is kind of boring and pointless. I mean, I guess it’s supposed to be saying something about television controlling our lives and minds? I can only guess the short story is much more clever than the movie is.


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