Twelve Months of Summer (1988)

Definitely winter.

Definitely winter.

I’m not quite sure how Q came across Twelve Months of Summer, a made-for-tv Swedish science fiction film from 1988, but he did, and we watched it.

The film revolves around Lars and Roger, two construction workers who take work where they can get it, often far away from home. Roger’s daughter and Lars’ pregnant wife hate to see them leave home for their latest assignment, but it’s one they can’t refuse: one year’s worth of work for ten years’ salary.

Sounds so good there must be a catch, and there is: the men don’t know where they’re going, and can’t tell their wives. En route, their met by someone who works for the “company” who blindfolds them to take them to the site, where they’ll be

Definitely summer.

Definitely summer.

working with a few other men, none of whom actually know what it is their building. All they do know is that they left home in the dead of winter, and where they are now enjoys perpetual summer.

Some of the guys are okay with this – who doesn’t like summer? Other dudes, Lars especially, are skeptical to say the least. It doesn’t help that men inexplicably lose their handle on reality after being in this place and start babbling in tongues no one understands. Is this a product of men going stir-crazy in an alien place, or something else entirely?

This is another difficult to get hold of film; I’m not even sure where our copy came from, but it’s subtitled twice: once in Danish with English over top of it! It’s dark, dreary and bleak, quiet and affecting in the same ways as Tarkovsky’s Solaris, but not as pretty (or long). Certainly not a bad watch, the problem here of course is accessibility.



The director of Twelve Months of Summer has just informed us that it has finally been re-released and is now available for purchase! Searching for the Swedish title Sommarens tolv månader should get you there; please see the director’s comment below for details.


3 Responses to “Twelve Months of Summer (1988)”

  1. 1 ladyfaceladyface
    August 28, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Swedish cinema… MOVIE CLUB WHOA!

    • 2 Richard Hobert
      September 16, 2014 at 6:33 pm

      Dear SCHLOCK WAVE,
      After a very successful opening in 1988- with great reviews and many international festival awards-
      the production company suddenly withdraw it from the international arena. The reason was insecurity in the contracts about some of the international music rights. Twentysix years later, spring 2014, I was approached by a distributor ho had seen the film….somehow….and really wanted to re-release it.
      I found out a way to remix it and add some other small pieces of similar new-written music… and it solved the situation.
      The DVD – with a remastered film will be released commercially in Sweden September 24, 2014- with english subtitles . Just check the web -the Swedish title is Sommarens tolv månader.
      You can order it directly från Ginza. se or Discoshop.se and several others.
      Best Regards
      Richard Hobert
      writer & director

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