Attack of the Puppet People (1958)

Attack of the Puppet People isn’t just another mediocre sci-fi horror flick from the 1950’s, it’s also an exhortation to the ladies to trust their instincts. If only poor Sally Reynolds went with her gut when she walked into creepy Mr. Franz’s office, tragedy could have been averted! Unfortunately, her sympathetic nature kicked in and she just couldn’t say no to the sad old man who told her she was just perfect for the job…

Mr. Franz regards his "friends."

Mr. Franz regards his “friends.”

Who wouldn’t feel sorry for poor Mr. Franz? Years ago, his wife left him all alone in the world, with only the dolls he makes to keep him company. Sure, the people he knows tend to disappear every now and again, but it certainly couldn’t be possible that he’s shrinking them and turning them into living dolls, right? Right?

A toast... to the little people!

A toast… to the little people!

Wrong! And poor Sally Reynolds finds out the hard way, when her newly-minted fiancé becomes a freshly-pressed cardboard doll. That is, of course, until Mr. Franz revives him with a magic potion so he can play with him and the other dolls!

Hangin' on the telephone...

Hangin’ on the telephone…

It probably goes without saying; this movie is ridiculous. And stupid. Yes, it’s pretty stupid, too. I haven’t watched a great deal of old-timey sci-fi flicks, but I intend to watch many more. Given my relative inexperience, I still haven’t figured out whether or not I absolutely love or totally despise the fact that most of these movies have little or no explanation as to how the characters came to be or the science behind the magic we see on the screen. On the one hand, who wants to hear fake scientists theorize when we could just be watching tiny little people struggling to lift the receiver on a rotary phone? On the other hand, not only is there no explanation as to how the mad doll-maker shrunk his creations, there is also no real conclusion or even really a clear plot line; things just happen in a maddeningly willy-nilly way. All I can say for now is, I enjoyed Attack of the Puppet People, probably because of its stupidity – there is something charming about its total disregard for reality.

The original puppetmaster!

The original puppetmaster!


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