Atomic Dog (1998)


Yes, we really own this. Hopefully, not for long.

People are incredulous when I tell them Leprechaun 4: In Space is an awesome movie that everyone should watch. I suppose that’s to be expected; the poor Leprechaun franchise isn’t really known for its quality. And yet, I still maintain Leprechaun 4 is smart, funny, well-paced and just an all-around enjoyable flick. Naturally, we were curious to see if its director, Brian Trenchard-Smith, has put out anything else worthwhile. When a videocassette of Atomic Dog popped up for $5 (it usually goes for $50!) we couldn’t resist.

The quirky Yates family moves out west to Montana, where the dad can make his wacky inventions and the mom can focus on her lame cartoons. Their oldest, a boy named Josh, is having a bit of a tough time fitting in, so he goes out with a bunch of kids one night trying to make friends. When they whip out a shotgun to shoot some wildlife, he gets a little uncomfortable and decides to leave, taking his sister’s dog Trixie back home on foot through the woods. If only that irradiated dog at the nuclear power plant hadn’t picked up Trixie’s scent! Trixie becomes impregnated with two pups and then dies, leaving the Yates’ sad at Trixie’s passing, but thrilled to have two new puppies – that is until their nuclear father comes searching for them!

It’s a damn good thing the Yates’ live across the street from a cute, single “carnivore expert” who fortuitously happens to own an old geiger counter. That way, she can take the whole Yates family into the belly of the beast, searching for the atomic dog who’s prowling the neighborhood looking for his offspring!

Unfortunately, this is no Leprechaun 4. Apparently it was originally shot for TV, and it definitely had that crappy SyFy Channel tone to it. It was not without a sense of humor, but whatever bits of comedy were there couldn’t carry the weight of the stupid plot. I’m not really sure why anyone thought it was a good idea to make this movie. It didn’t have anything really to say, except maybe “don’t move to Montana” or “spay and neuter your pets.” It wasn’t horrible by any means, but there’s really no reason whatsoever I can think of to tell anyone they should see it.


1 Response to “Atomic Dog (1998)”

  1. 1 ladyfaceladyface
    August 5, 2013 at 9:00 am

    “This is no Leprechaun 4” should be your new catchphrase.

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