Manborg (2011)

Meet the manborg.

Meet the manborg.

Best Buy is still good for something. Hear me out: we wouldn’t have heard of Manborg if we didn’t decide to browse their DVD selection. How sad it would have been if we had continued living life without seeing this movie.

Where do I begin? It’s the first war against Hell. Or, maybe it’s the second – it doesn’t really matter. A young man dies in the fight against evil, but is brought back to half-life by the well-meaning but confused Dr. Scorpius as the Manborg. Fast forward to an even more destitute future where Count Draculon

#1 Man takes down one of hell's evil minions!

#1 Man takes down one of hell’s evil minions!

and his evil minions virtually own the whole of Mega-Death city. Manborg is thrown in jail with a few other misfits: a brother and sister team named Justice and Mina (curiously, only Justice has an Australian accent… and really wants to be Billy Idol), and a martial arts expert (#1 Man), who taught Count Draculon’s army all they know about fighting. At first, the humans don’t trust Manborg; they think he’s working for Draculon. But a clue from Manborg’s past illuminates his true identity, and the ragtag group are off to fight the forces of evil together.

Dr. Scorpius and his companion running around doing stuff.

Dr. Scorpius and his companion running around doing stuff.


Wow. Just wow. I can safely say I’ve never seen anything like this. Wikipedia tells me this movie was made for $1,000 (CAD), and when you watch it, you can tell. But, if you’re going to make a low-budget movie, this is the way to do it! Sure, it looks like a cheap video game from the early 90’s, but it works. It works really well, in fact. It is so incredibly over the top, you have no choice but to go along with it. It will make you laugh, cry, and want to watch RoboCop again.


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