The Land that Time Forgot (1975)

Half U-Boat nightmare, half Darwinian adventure, The Land that Time Forgot is the first of many Amicus films to come on Shlock Wave, and what a great place to start!

Our hero emerging from the U-Boat.

Our hero emerging from the U-Boat.

The setting is 1916, somewhere on the high seas. A German U-Boat sinks a British passenger ship, and only a few survive. Lucky for the survivors, Bowen Tyler (the William Shatner of this operation) is the son of a guy who made a bunch of submarines. He plots with the crew of the downed British ship to take over the U-Boat. They succeed, and after a few scuffles the U-Boat ends up in the Arctic circle, or something like it. The Captain of the U-Boat, Von Schoenvorts, is certain the land they see is the legendary island of Caprona, founded by an explorer a century or so ago who was unable to reach the land because, well, he didn’t have a U-Boat.

Exploring Caprona.

Exploring Caprona.

So the ragtag group of frenemies take the U-Boat through the icy waters surrounding the island and find a beautiful place with… plesiosaurs? Neanderthals? Pterodactyls? Oh my! Good thing some of the Neanderthals are friendly and show them where the crude oil fields are. Also a good thing these guys know how to refine oil (!), at least enough to get the U-Boat home! The nasty humans, of course, ravage the land, raping it of its oil, murdering Neanderthals and slaying beasts left and right. I think the Earth gets mad, because a volcano erupts and really puts a damper on things.

Thoughtful cavemen.

Thoughtful cavemen.

I would be happy to watch more movies like this, which is good news because I think there are at least 2 sequels! There’s nothing quite like the complete misunderstanding of biology, zoology and evolution captured on film. And yes, those are definitely wires in that holding up that pterodactyl! This movie is loaded with hammy acting and silly special effects, and it still manages to look really awesome. This is a perfect Saturday afternoon hangout movie.

Pterodactyl on wires!

Pterodactyl on wires!


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