Night of the Scarecrow (1995)

nightofthescarecrowclaireanddillonAnd then there was Night of the Scarecrow, another dud from this weekend’s horror-thon. Q insists there’s something interesting here, but I think that’s just because John Lazar (“Z-Man” from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) has a teeny-tiny role as a warlock!

Claire is Mayor Goodman’s estranged daughter, back in town to see the family farm one more time before they sell it off to a developer so their small town can finally enter modernity and build a mall on top of it. The sale is complicated somewhat when some drunk kids release the spirit of the aforementioned warlock, who was murdered by the god-fearing christians a century-or-so ago. The warlock wants blood; specifically Goodman blood, to avenge his death. The only way the nightofthescarecrowGoodman clan can save themselves is by finding a book with a magic spell in it.

This is another instance where the writing and acting are so painfully bad, watching the movie actually hurts. I’m afraid that anything interesting the film might have to say is so muddled-up by gunk that it entirely escaped me.


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