Night of the Demons (1988)

Suzanne's having a little trouble with her make-up tonight...

Suzanne’s having a little trouble with her make-up tonight…

You can’t have a horror-thon without at least a few duds. Our first from this weekend is Night of the Demons, a movie I’d actually seen once before, and didn’t get better the second time.

Angela’s the “goth” girl at the local high school. She’s throwing a crazy Halloween party at an abandoned funeral parlor because, well, that’s what goth girls do, right? And like other goth girls, I guess, Angela doesn’t have a lot of friends, so this party’s set to be small. There’s Stooge, Rodge and Helen, who get a flat tire on the

Angela's gingivitis is starting to get a little out of control.

Angela’s gingivitis is starting to get a little out of control.

way to the house. There’s Judy and Jay (Lance Fenton, who played Kurt Kelly in Heathers), Angela’s best friend Suzanne, and a few others to round out the guests.

It isn’t long before the guests start acting weird. Helen knows it’s because it’s Halloween, the one night the ghosts and ghouls don’t have to go back to hell and can stay on earth to have a little bit of fun! The kids can’t escape the old house and terror, of course, ensues.

Hey, that's Kurt Kelly!

Hey, that’s Kurt Kelly!

Everything about this movie is sub-standard; the special effects, the acting, the writing, the plot. A few of the characters were tolerable, but mostly I didn’t care if they became blood-oozing zombie-ghouls by the end. In fact I wanted it to happen, thinking the faster they became demons, maybe the faster the movie’d be over! There are no redeeming qualities here; no charm whatsoever. We will gladly be dumping this videocassette into the freecycle this afternoon.


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