Belphegor: Phantom of the Louvre (2001)

The mummy's spirit.

The mummy’s spirit.

Belphegor: Phantom of the Louvre is another film based on a book I haven’t read. This time, it’s a French crime novel from 1927. The novel and the two subsequent versions on film (a silent from the same year as the novel, and a tv-series from the 1960’s) sound an awful lot like a Scooby Doo episode: everyone thinks a ghost is haunting the Louvre, but really it’s just a clever thief. This version from 2001, though, is all about the supernatural.

Lisa lives right next door to the Louvre. Due to some construction

Scary phantom!

Scary phantom!

work, she’s able to sneak into the museum at night. She happens to meet with a mummy and its spirit-in-Limbo, who goes ahead and possesses her. In the nights following, Lisa creeps into the museum, dressed up in the mummy’s death mask, collecting trinkets from other Egyptian exhibits in the museum in preparation for the inevitable trip over the river to the underworld. A visiting Egyptologist named Glenda (Julie Christie), a retired cop, and Lisa’s pseudo-boyfriend all get together in hopes of performing the last ritual needed to

Julie Christie gets bookish.

Julie Christie gets bookish.

send the mummy’s spirit to its rightful place in the underworld – it’s the only way to get Lisa back.

I guess this movie was allright. The special effects, mostly glowing, floating skeletons, were kind of annoying, and I wasn’t impressed. The story wasn’t very interesting either. I really didn’t care about the characters or the stupid skeleton! I’m curious about the films predecessors and how they handle the story – there must be something more to it to it than this film offers, considering the television show is one of the most popular French shows out there.


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