Transmutations (1985)

Sleeping beauty, Nicole.

Sleeping beauty, Nicole.

I like Clive Barker. Apparently, though, the folks that produced Transmutations didn’t care for him so much. The story goes they were looking for an hour-and-a-half long music video. Mr. Barker thought his screenplay was for a horror movie. As you can imagine, the final product suffered a bit from the confusion, and sadly doesn’t live up to its potential.

Transmutations is set in a typically strange Clive Barker kind of world. Nicole, a high-class hooker, is abducted from her bed by some ninja-like toughs. A supposedly reformed mobster has coerced an old employee of his, Roy Bain, to find her. It’s easy to



convince Bain he wants the job, because he’s still in love with Nicole. Everyone seems to be in love with Nicole. She’s beautiful and special; different than the others.

As Bain investigates Nicole’s disappearance, he comes across some truly unsavory folks, most notably Dr. Savary, the guy who’s been supplying a bunch of former heroin addicts with a new drug

Dr. Savary

Dr. Savary

called “white man.” The drug turns them into mutants, except Nicole, who is somehow immune.

There are definitely some interesting moments in this movie, and a lot of what happens reminds me of Night Breed, a movie I didn’t particularly care for, but is probably worth a second viewing and is definitely better than this. The problem is, as you might imagine, it wavers a little too much between detective movie, horror movie, and aimless nothing.

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  1. May 12, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    I wouldn’t say Nightbreed is worth a second viewing, but Cabal is worth a second reading…

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