Cabin Fever (2002)

Aww, best friends! What a great weekend they'll have!

Aww, best friends! What a great weekend they’ll have!

While this might lend a terrible blow to whatever small amount of credibility I may or may not have, I’m not afraid to admit the truth: Cabin Fever is one of my favorite horror movies. I just can’t help it; it makes me giggle and squirm!

The story holds no real surprises: five jackasses, er, college graduates, hightail it to the countryside to stay at a cabin for a week to celebrate their newfound freedom. Paul has a crush on Karen. Karen teases Paul. Bert likes beer and shooting squirrels. Somehow, Marcy likes Jeff and they both like sex. Paul’s plan for the week is to finally tell Karen how he’s felt about her for the last some-odd years, but before they even get to their cabin, shit gets a

Don't sit next to Daniel.

Don’t sit next to Daniel.

little weird. The convenience store they stop at has more than a few ominous warning signs, as you’ve seen in so many “don’t go out there” horror scenes. And as you’ve seen so many times, these young, dumb college grads proceed onward.

Things only get worse when Bert accidentally shoots an obviously sick man outside of their cabin. Promising to get him help, Bert instead goes back to the cabin without telling anyone what happened. The problem comes back to bite them later, when the sick man, after unsuccessfully attempting to get into the cabin, instead barfs blood all over their only vehicle until the kids set him on fire. This, of course, sets off a terrible chain of events. The mans illness spreads among the group, and paranoia ensues.

Patient zero?

Patient zero?

So, why do I like this movie so much? Well, it’s stupid. Sometimes I really like stupid, especially when the movie knows it is stupid and revels in its own stupidity. Cabin Fever is just such a movie. It’s one of those let-yourself-go-and-laugh-at-idiocy movies. And even though it is stupid, it is also much smarter than you’d think; there are a few clever turns that might even surprise you. It takes some old horror cliches and turns them around a bit on you. Also, that pancakes-shouting, karate-chopping weirdo kid is freakin’ awesome, right?

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