Flirting (1991)

Danny's characteristic smirk.

Danny’s characteristic smirk.

Flirting has been quietly waiting in my Netflix queue for years. Usually, it loses out to a horrible horror film with a terrible name, but I finally decided, after the last few duds, to put this one up to the top. I should have done it years ago!

Set in an Australian boarding school in 1965, Flirting centers around Danny, a stuttering smart-ass obsessed with Camus, and his budding relationship with Thandiwe, the daughter of a

Thandiwe looking for her date.

Thandiwe looking for her date.

Ugandan intellectual (whose classmates, I should mention, include a young Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman). Both Danny and Thandiwe know what it means to be outcasts.

Their schools are separated by a lake, across which Danny longingly looks imagining the possibilities the other school offers: girls. The two meet at a debate about man’s greatest

Nicole is *not* impressed...

Nicole is *not* impressed…

achievements, which Thandiwe scandalizes by reading off risque rock’n’roll lyrics. The affair blossoms and grows amidst rigid boarding school rules and racism.

The word charming has never been more apt. This is one of the cutest, sweetest movies I’ve ever seen, and I mean that in the best way possible. What could be more fantastic than watching two “intellectual misfits” (thanks for the label, Q) fall in love? It helps, of course, that it’s Australian (something about those Aussie boarding-school movies really gets me). It was very easy indeed to give this one the five-star treatment.



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