Castle in the Sky (1986)

I don’t really go in for Japanese animation all that much, except Speed Racer, so when we decided Castle in the Sky was the next movie on the list, I groaned and sighed, and settled in.

Sheeta floats on into town.

Sheeta floats on into town.

A girl named Sheeta is wanted by some pirates and government officials alike, but it isn’t until she floats down from an airship into a town that she finds out why: her crystal necklace is more than it seems, and will  endow its owner with untold riches and power. The necklace happens to originate from an island in the sky called Laputa, a place that Pazu, Sheeta’s new friend, is hellbent on proving exists: his father’s good name depends on it.  The two join forces in hopes of keeping Sheeta’s pursuers away while also, if they’re lucky, finding Laputa. On the way they encounter a bunch of strange stuff, like dilapidated robots and glowing rocks.

That is a cute robot. Am I right?

That is a cute robot. Am I right?

Well, it’s not that I disliked this movie, I just wasn’t impressed. I couldn’t take it seriously, what with the quivering eyes, the lame dubbing, and that pirate-lady that looks an awful lot like Pippi Longstocking 50 years later. I will say the robots were definitely awesome; I’d play with those robots. And some of it was cute, and kinda funny at parts, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I will admit I was probably not in the right mindset. Perhaps a second viewing would change my opinion, but I’m not so sure. This might just be one of those things that I don’t get.

Tell me that's not supposed to be Pippi Longstocking!

Tell me that’s not supposed to be Pippi Longstocking!


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