Blood of Ghastly Horror (1972)

John Carradine as the terribly misguided Dr. Vanard

John Carradine as the terribly misguided Dr. Vanard

All too frequently I end up in a Netflix title trap. I’ll see something like, say, Blood of Ghastly Horror and rush to put it at the top of my queue. I don’t research it. I certainly don’t read the often terrible reviews of other Netflix users. Every once in a while I’ll come across a gem, but more often than not I end up with a useless waste of time like this one.

This movie has one of the most convoluted plots of I’ve ever encountered. It is filmed mostly in flashbacks, or flashbacks within flashbacks, just to add to the confusion. Basically, there’s been a few murders. They remind a useless cop of some murders that happened a few years ago. That guy was actually a zombie, brought back to life by an experimental medical procedure performed by a Dr. Vanard (John Carradine). The zombie’s father wants revenge for what happened to his son, and so makes zombies of his own to do his evil bidding. The movie goes off in 10 other directions

Ghastly Horror! But where's the blood?

Ghastly Horror! But where’s the blood?

that I either slept through or just plain forgot. To make matters worse, it’s released by everyone’s least-favorite b-movie mongers, Troma, and as a result is prefaced by an obnoxious introduction.

I am only writing about this to tell you to never, ever waste your time with it. Most people are probably lucky enough to have never even heard of this movie. Most people don’t jump to rent such crap as quickly as I do. But then, most people don’t get to find the gems that I do. Do I regret watching this movie? Yes, absolutely, but it won’t be the last, because really you never know what wonderful junk is buried underneath tripe like this.

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