Sleepwalk with Me (2012)

sleepwalkwithmetalkingWatching a string of terrible movies on purpose can be exhausting, so it was nice to take a break and watch Sleepwalk with Me, a semi-autobiographical tale of Mike Birbiglia’s career and relationship struggles.

Birbiglia plays Matt Pandamiglio, a (you guessed it) struggling stand-up comic who tends bar to pay the bills. His girlfriend of eight years, Abby (Lauren Ambrose), is nothing but supportive, which is good because his father is a little overbearing to say the least, and is always giving Matt shit about getting nowhere with his career. The pressure’s doubly on him now that his sister’s getting married as it’s pretty clear that Abby’s looking for a ring, and babies, too.

A gold-medal winner, in his dreams...

A gold-medal winner, in his dreams…

One night while tending bar, Matt does a little reassessing and realizes he needs to put his stand-up aspirations first if he ever plans on getting anywhere with his career. He starts taking small-time jobs all over the East coast just to get out there. All the while, he’s trying to figure out a way to tell Abby they need a break. Instead, he asks her to marry him. Oops. Amidst all the relationship drama, Matt has been doing some very dangerous sleepwalking, and much to his father’s chagrin can’t be “responsible” enough to attend the sleep study he set up for him.

This movie is super cute. I’m a little familiar with Birbiglia’s stand-up, and I’ve always liked his delivery in particular, so watching that sort of evolve on the stage in this movie was cool. I like the movie’s honesty and openness (even though it takes a little growing up to get there). It also helps that Lauren Ambrose is my favorite redhead ever.


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