I Think We’re Alone Now (2008)

Needing a serious break from David Cronenberg, Q and I couldn’t help but choose I Think We’re Alone Now off the old Netflix instant queue. This documentary focuses on two people who are in love with Tiffany, the red-headed 80’s pop singer most of us had forgotten long ago.

IThinkWe'reAloneNowJeff is an older dude with Asperger’s. He is more than just a Tiffany groupie: in his head, he is Tiffany’s real-life best friend. Tiffany feels differently – sometime in the 90’s she got a restraining order against Jeff when he came a little too home. The two seem to have patched things up, as Tiffany is always cordial when he approaches her in the documentary footage, and she continues to politely decline his constant marriage proposals.

Kelly is an intersexed individual who also claims to be in love with Tiffany, but unlike Jeff s/he has never had the opportunity to see Tiffany perform live, let alone meet her in person.

This movie is baffling and sad. I’m not exactly sure what the folks who made it were aiming for, but watching it made me feel horrible and dirty. Looking for pictures to accompany this blog post made me feel complicit in their exploitation of these two people. This isn’t a movie about Tiffany. It isn’t even about pop-stardom and the pitfalls that accompany it. I guess this movie is supposed to be about those living at the margins of society, but whatever it’s going for it never really gets there. We never really see Jeff or Kelly in any kind of sympathetic light, and sometimes I felt as though the filmmakers were playing a joke at their expense. In the end, I thought this was a rather pointless documentary, worth it only for the moment when Jeff apparently gives up his love for Tiffany for his new favorite starlet: Alyssa Milano.


1 Response to “I Think We’re Alone Now (2008)”

  1. 1 ladyfaceladyface
    January 19, 2013 at 6:00 am

    This sounds awful. But now I know what “intersexed” means.

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