Danger: Diabolik (1968)

Diabolik & Eva

Diabolik & Eva

Ah, another stylish Italian movie! Based on a 60’s Italian comic, Mario Bava brings us Danger: Diabolik, the tale of a super-thief who never loses. He’s smart, good-looking, rich, quick, and unstoppable. He drives a black Jaguar, and his number-one lady Eva Kant drives a white one. Together they commit crimes of epic proportions. Next on the agenda: stealing millions of dollars from the government during its transport. Diabolik’s nemesis, Inspector Ginko, goes to extreme lengths to keep Diabolik away from the cash, including a decoy van – but there’s no fooling Diabolik.

He of course bests the inspector and escapes with all the money, showering himself and Eva in the green stuff.  The cops can do nothing

Sexy Money Bath

Sexy Money Bath

but wait for Diabolik’s next move, which they assume will undoubtedly be an attempt to steal an extremely valuable necklace from the local royalty (for Eva’s birthday, of course). The cops have the whole place surveilled in hopes of catching Diabolik red-handed, but of course he gets away with the necklace. This enrages Ginko and his fellow police and so they reinstate the death penalty in hopes of putting an end to Diabolik’s reign once and for all! Since Diabolik is ruining the game for

Clever Diabolik changes from black to white!

Clever Diabolik changes from black to white!

the other criminals, another super-villain named Valmont offers his services up to the cops in catching Diabolik, in hopes of gaining their favor and eliminating some competition.

A bunch of exciting chases and helicopter scenes happen [one which, I’m sure of it, Kathryn Bigelow rips off for Point Break (yes there I go talking about Point Break again)] and eventually the cops put a million-dollar bounty on Diabolik’s head. Well, Diabolik doesn’t like that and blows up the local tax office in retaliation. Now that the government has no revenue, they have to be very careful with the money they do have and opt for exchanging all the currency for gold and melting it all into one giant block (I mean really giant) that Diabolik possibly can’t steal…. Or can he?

To say this movie is awesome is an understatement.  It is thoroughly entertaining and incredibly stylish. Mario Bava can make

Seriously rad shower.

Seriously rad shower.

cheap (the budget was only $400,000!) look amazing! The music is by Ennio Morricone and so you can add Diabolik to the list of Italian movies with great soundtracks. The clothes and set are both super-mod and fantastic (I mean seriously, who wouldn’t kill for that shower?) In another moment of Point Break comparison, Diabolik had me rooting for both the hunter and the hunted: good and bad are not clear-cut in this film, and I really appreciate Diabolik’s commitment to Eva – unlike most other super-criminals, he is dedicated to one woman and does what he can to save her from danger.

Basically, this movie makes me want to watch everything Mario Bava ever did, even the ones I hear are duds.


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  1. 1 ladyfaceladyface
    December 20, 2012 at 4:15 am

    You had me at sexy money bath.

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