Trancers (1985)

trancers posterNo, I don’t like Blade Runner. I don’t even like Mad About You, and yet somehow I really enjoyed Trancers. Yeah, Trancers is Blade Runner for kids, and yeah, it stars Helen Hunt, but holy crap it’s so much fun. It also helps that it certainly must have had some sort of influence on everyone’s favorite time-travel show Quantum Leap. But Jack Deth is way cooler than Sam Beckett (just realized his name is Sam Beckett. What’s that even mean!?).

Jack Deth is a badass cop who is on the hunt for super-baddie Martin Whistler, a psychic genius who turns his followers into zombies. Like we’ve seen in some other movies recently (Full Eclipse, Predator 2, both of which also remind me of Point Break) Deth is in a constant struggle with his superiors that eventually results in his resignation. This doesn’t last long, though, because this golden boy has been chosen by a group of leading elders who are all singled out by Whistler. Whistler’s creative way of deleting the elders from the world is time-travel: going back in time

Deth. Jack Deth.

Deth. Jack Deth.

and destroying their ancestors.

So, Deth agrees to take a drug which sends him back into the past, into the body of one of his very own ancestors. He travels with two important accessories: a swatch that will stop time for everyone but him for 10 seconds (which can only be used once), and a gun that had the antidote to the time-travel drug with two doses: one for him, and one for Whistler once he is caught.

Dude, cycle hits window. Window breaks.

Dude, cycle hits window. Window breaks.

Deth’s a lucky guy, and when he rolls on into 1985 Los Angeles, he wakes up next to a “punk” girl named Leena. In this scene we’re treated to some very adorable Quantum Leap moments as Deth orients himself to the new world and all the fun begins.

I like this movie so much, and I probably like it because it is totally ridiculous. Deth is your traditional Noir detective, and so the movie is packed with one-liners. Helen Hunt is actually pretty good, but I don’t think Charles Band knows what punk is, and that’s okay.

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