Predator 2 (1990)

It’s been a few years since I first saw Predator, but I can say for certain I enjoyed Predator 2 much more than the first! I think the best way to sour an action flick is to make it too serious (and maybe the second best way is to put Schwarzenegger in it!); Predator 2 doesn’t make either mistake. About ten minutes into this, I turned to Q and said “this is a comic book!”

Cop vs. Fed: The Eternal Battle.

Cop vs. Fed: The Eternal Battle.

Set in 1997 Los Angeles, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) and his fellow coppers are having a hell of a time dealing with the turf war between the Jamaican and Colombian drug lords, exacerbated by the terrible heat wave gripping the city. During a huge shoot-out, Harrigan ignores his superiors and enters the complex where most of the gangsters ended up – only to find them all slain, and some of them curiously hanging upside down.

Shortly after this discovery, we’re introduced to everyone’s favorite Fed, Gary Busey, who here plays Special Agent Peter Keyes. Keyes has been brought in to investigate, but no real details are given as to why. Harrigan, of course, doesn’t want to give up the fight and hand it over to the feds, so we get a lot of good-old angry-cop-taking-the-law-into-his-own-hands action. Anyway, it takes a while but finally Harrigan figures out that weird blurry figure everyone’s been seeing isn’t the heat playing tricks on them, it’s a terrible monster wreaking havoc on the city!

Predator 2 reminds me a lot of one of my most favorite television shows: Walker, Texas Ranger: in both, the bad guys are

Oh, Billy Paxton, always driving the ladies wild...

Oh, Billy Paxton, always driving the ladies wild…

really bad, and the cops are really into being cops (and renegade, of course). The major difference is Predator 2 definitely maintains an air of lightness and goofiness about it (see: Bill Paxton’s Jerry Lambert) and that makes it, really and truly, thoroughly enjoyable, much in the same way as the previously reviewed Full Eclipse. Both movies know what they’re doing, and boy, that really makes all the difference. I guess all Full Eclipse was missing was Gary Busey!

Bottom line: even though I’m usually clicking to see how much time is left remaining in a film (even if I love it) this one had me rapt ’til the very end. If that’s not a positive, I don’t know what is!


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