Miami Connection (1987)

MiamiConnectionPosterThe recipe for Y. K. Kim’s love letter to Taekwondo, Miami Connection, is simple: Several ninjas, lots of cocaine, 1 80’s rock band, 1 cheap Chuck Norris ripoff, 6 orphans. If you find yourself asking: “who is Y.K. Kim?” I suggest you visit this website: Who is Y.K. Kim? All you really need to know is that Y.K. Kim, once upon a time in 1987, believed he could cure the world of its evils by popularizing Taekwondo. After hearing about the success of Bruce Lee’s movies, Kim sold his car, mortgaged his house, and with a few of his students made the most amazing Miami Connection. 

Perhaps the most important thing to note about this is this movie was made in earnest; it is not a joke. No doubt, a lot of folks will go see this movie to laugh at it, but it’s more than just a “so-bad-it’s-good” movie. I can’t help but think of Troll 2 when I see a movie like this – the kind of movie that keeps you asking “what were they thinking?” The difference between Troll 2 and a movie like Miami Connection lies, at least for

No, that's not John Oates.

No, that’s not John Oates.

me, lies in the directors’ intentions. Yes, the guy from Troll 2 was all-too serious (and if you’ve seen the amazing Best Worst Movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about) but the movie was written by his wife, and centered around vegetarian trolls – because she was irritated at all of her friends becoming vegetarian! That’s hardly a noble cause. Miami Connection, on the other hand, was an absolutely sincere attempt to share something positive with the world – and that shines through as you watch the movie.  Zack Carlson, the gentleman over at Alamo Drafthouse largely responsible for bringing this “eighties time capsule” to light, shares a similar attitude about film in general, and I suggest you read the Huffington Post’s interview with him here.

All that being said, a movie like this must absolutely be seen to be believed. The film centers around the rock band Dragon Sound, a rag-tag group of orphan Taekwondo students who are out to smash the ninjas who are running the Miami cocaine

Best fight scene maybe ever!

Best fight scene maybe ever!

circuit. The music is so darn catchy; I couldn’t get the song Friends out of my head for days after seeing this! Is this movie cheesy? Absolutely. But that’s what is so darn charming about it. Clearly, no one involved really had any idea how to make a movie – but they went out and they did it anyway. And despite the fact that the acting, writing and editing are very poor indeed, there’s something inspiring about the fact that this film exists. Furthermore, I actually cared about the characters – I was sad when they were hurt, and pleased when they were happy.

Must see.


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