Planet of the Vampires (1965)

Okay, so before I sat down and watched Planet of the Vampires, I didn’t really know that Mario Bava had some serious science fiction roots. Shows how much I know, right? After watching this, I want to see them all.

Yes, the whole movie looks this cool.

In response to a distress signal, two spaceships (Argos and Galliot) land on the unexplored planet Aura to investigate. As the ships are landing, members of the crew seem to go mad, and look to destroy the ship and their fellow crew-members. After a few episodes of violence, the crew members have no recollection of attacking each-other. Argos’s Captain was able to maintain control during the ship’s landing, and so was able to stop the crew members from destroying each-other. Once they land, the crew steps out onto the planet’s surface in search of the Galliot. Turns out the crew on that ship was not as lucky, and everyone is either murdered or missing.

What could be causing this mysterious psychic takeover? Only further exploration of Aura could answer that question, obviously, and so the crew continues on and finds a lot of really awesome-looking stuff, including giant skeletons,

Like any good sci-fi, there’s plenty of beep-boop-bop to go around.

spaceships that will look familiar to you, blue, red and green mist everywhere, and most importantly: walking corpses. 

I could focus on the plot if I wanted to, but for me this movie was all about atmosphere and visuals. Holy hell, this movie looked really, unbelievably cool. More proof that the Italians know what they’re doing (mostly) when it comes to movies.  What else is there to say? Oh yeah, the guy that does Wes’s voice in the English dubbed version is indeed the same actor who did Speed Racer‘s voice in the 60’s cartoon.


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