Syngenor (1990)

Syngenor wants YOUR spinal fluid…

Well, it took a while to make it to Syngenor, mostly because Scared to Death, its predecessor, was a total snooze-fest. Luckily for me and for all the  synthesized genetic organisms out there, Syngenor was actually pretty good! It helps that the sequel had absolutely nothing to do with the first film except for the monster. Some guy just thought the monster looked cool.

Perhaps the problem with Scared to Death is that it took itself far too seriously. Syngenor certainly didn’t have that problem. The story starts off with a genius in a garage mixing mysterious liquids. It’s not long before we find out the genius is Ethan Valentine, recently resigned scientist from Norton Cyberdyne, a military technology company. Turns out one of his experiments, the eponymous Syngenor, was released from captivity and is out for blood. Poor Mr. Valentine has to pay for his career at Cyberdine with his life!

News reporter Nick Cary, originally interested in interviewing Cyberdyne’s president Carter Brown (played by David Gale of Re-Animator fame) suddenly finds himself with a murder mystery on his hands when he goes to interview Mr. Valentine, not knowing that he’s been killed. He runs into

No one ever said acting as president of an evil corporation was good for one’s blood pressure.

Valentine’s niece, Susan, who not only fills him in on the mysterious creature she saw murdering her uncle, but also on her suspicions that folks at Cyberdyne are behind his death. The unlikely duo begins to plot ways to infiltrate Cyberdyne to discover the meaning behind Valentine’s death, and just what exactly the Syngenor is…

Dude, this movie is fun, and I knew it would be right off the bat – maybe because it only took seven minutes to see bare (and very fake) breasts. Boobs or no boobs this is a legitimately good horror movie that plays along with its own jokes. It’s got a little bit of the Frankenstein holy-crap-what-did-I-just-create thing going on, along with all the evil corporation fun you could want (almost kind of timely, even…). Bonus: getting to see Re-Animator‘s Dr. Hill inject himself with Syngenor juice and go completely insane. Enjoyable enough we might even trade in our VHS copy for a DVD.


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