Scared to Death (1980)

31 days of horror continues with another found-cheap-in-a-store VHS treasure: Scared to Death. Little did we know, this movie is the prequel to another VHS we bought just a few weeks ago, Syngenor. How… fortuitous?!

Apathetic, former-detective-turned-trash-novelist Ted is the last hope the police department has in solving a rash of gruesome murders plaguing Hollywood. His only lead is Sherry, a nerdy biology student who thinks the murders are the result of a scientific experiment gone wrong – a synthetic genetic organism, or syngenor, created by one of her former professors.

Let me just say I’m starting to lose my faith in VHS. Everything we’ve watched on the old VCR this October has been like a baby’s diaper after creamed peas, and this one is no different. It started off promising enough, I even remarked on how likeable the characters were! Then enter the nerdy, bespectacled biology student and the Syngenor really hit the fan. Initially I was pumped for a Syngenor double-feature, but now I’m seriously dreading the time I’ll have to spend watching the follow-up.

2 Responses to “Scared to Death (1980)”

  1. October 15, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    The good news, at least, is that *no one* involved in Scared to Death was involved in Syngenor — not writer, director, producers or actors — only the monster stays the same.

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