One Dark Night (1982)

Day 7 of 31 Days of Horror: One Dark Night.

Ghosts in the mausoleum.

Watch “cute-as-a-button” Julie (Meg Tilly) as she’s cajoled into spending the night in a mausoleum in order to be initiated into her high school’s cool sorority-of-sorts, Sisters. Tired of being called a “pansy,” Julie wants to prove to the girls that she can be tough. Meanwhile, the leader of the Sisters, Carol, isn’t actually interested in inviting Julie to be part of the team – she just wants to scare the crap out of her because she’s dating Steve, her ex boyfriend!

What Carol & Co. don’t know is that Karl Raymar, a famously psychotic psychic was recently buried in the mausoleum, after killing a few young chicks with his telekinetic powers. His powers were so strong, some academics believe it may still be active after death!

Needless to say, the high school girls have one hell of a night in the mausoleum, complete with attacking, oozing corpses and electrified eyeballs. A much-better-than-average high-school horror flick, totally worth a watch.


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