Demons (1985)

31 days of horror, day 5: Lamberto Bava’s Demons. I’d seen this one a few years ago and really dug it, I figured what better time to watch again than in the month of horror?! Directed by Mario Bava’s son with a screenplay co-written by Dario Argento, it’s like totally ripe for awesome 80’s Italian goodness.

Do NOT go in there!

A man in a frightening mask (Michele Soavi, as it happens) runs around West Berlin handing out tickets to a movie showing at The Metropol, a theater which has been closed for ages. Quite an interesting mix of viewers arrive for the special show: a pimp and his prostitutes, a blind man and his lascivious daughter, two music geeks skipping class, the boys who cling to them fairly early on, a grumpy man and his bitchy wife, and later on a bunch of coked-up punkers.

Much to the dismay of music geek #2, the movie the audience is settling in for is a horror movie in which a group of kids are searching for Nostradamus’s grave. As the kids wander around an old crypt, we are warned that “demons are the instruments of evil.” After one of the young men in the movie puts on a mask found in a grave, he turns into an evil, zombie-like demon. Strangely enough, the same thing happens to one of the prostitutes in the audience, and soon thereafter all hell breaks loose.

Dudes, 80’s Italian horror is totally where it’s at. This movie is carried pretty far on the costumes alone. Add to that one of the best non-Goblin horror soundtracks ever and awesome special effects and you have a super-sweet flick. Oh also: meta! I like this one big-time.


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