Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice (1988)

Our local Value Village offers a wide array of VHS tapes at 49 cents a pop. Seeing as how we’ve got two VCRs, how are we to resist wonders such as Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice?

Curse IV’s ancient (yawn) demon (ya-a-aawn).

I’ve never seen any of the Curse movies, but it doesn’t matter. This movie was filmed in 1988 and was supposed to be named Catacombs, but its distributor went out of business. It wasn’t until 1993 it was finally released as part of the Curse franchise, because, you know… why not?

There is pretty much nothing remarkable about this movie, except the fact that it stars Ian Abercrombie (Seinfeld’s Mr. Pitt) as the brother superior in a Spanish monastery. The monastery hides a secret in its basement: an ancient demon chained and sealed in a wall.

How is this demon released? Why is it there? What are its intentions? If you want to know, too bad for you, you will never find out. This movie does have a slight sense of humor about itself, but it is not good. Let me say that again: this movie is not good. The best part about the movie, for me, was the part when one of the brothers cut up a Snickers bar into bite-sized pieces, much like Mr. Pitt does on Seinfeld (skip to the 2 minute marker in this video).

Note to self (and anyone out there listening): don’t just buy a movie because it’s 49 cents.

Note to self part 2: who are you kidding, your curiosity will always force you to buy the 49 cent movie, watch it, and complain about it later.


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