Eating Raoul (1982)

After watching a disappointing movie, my natural response is to immediately cleanse the palate with a thematically similar good movie. So, after watching the dreadful Parents (well, in the middle of it, actually) I decided the perfect antidote would be Eating Raoul.

I first stumbled upon this movie when I was a young thing surfing the wrong cable stations late at night. I was far too naive to really understand what I was watching (had no idea what camp was, let alone S&M!), but it didn’t matter – I knew whatever it was I wanted more of it.

Eating Raoul is about Paul (Paul Bartel) & Mary (Mary Woronov) Bland, a couple struggling to make ends meet with a dream to open up a restaurant someday. The building they want to buy demands a $20,000 down payment. How will the newly unemployed Paul and his nurse wife Mary ever make it?

Paul & Mary Bland make the kill…

The straight-laced Blands, disgusted by the thieves, swingers, and sexual deviants overtaking their building (and seemingly all of Hollywood) hatch the perfect plot: lure the sexually depraved to their apartment with an S&M advertisement, claiming “we do anything. While their victims get hot on Mary, Paul jumps in and bops them on the head with a frying pan. After emptying the wallets of the dead, Paul & Mary dispose of the bodies through the garbage chute – until they meet Raoul, a thief who instead of taking them for a ride goes into business with them – offering to dispose of the bodies for money and splitting the profits with them.

I love this movie! It’s charming, goofy, campy fun. It is no wonder it’s a cult favorite. Go out and watch this right now!

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