Timecrimes (2007)

Hector and his wife Clara have just moved into a big house near the woods. I’m not sure if Hector’s into bird-watching or what, but he’s checking out the trees behind the house with binoculars when lo! A woman stripping! Obviously the thing to do is go and check her out, right?

When he finds her, she’s completely naked and passed out. While Hector’s trying to find out if she’s okay, he gets stabbed by a man wearing pink bandages on his face. While running away from the man, Hector ends up in the nearest building, and picks up the closest walkie-talkie. The man on the other end leads him to a silo up on a hill where there is a time machine, and the guy convinces Hector that the only way he can escape the murderous pink-bandaged man is to get inside…

Now, my training in time-travel storytelling is lacking, seeing as how I don’t read a lot of science fiction and I’ve never seen Back to the Future, so I needed a little help understanding this when it was over, I admit it. In fact, Q had to draw me a picture just like the time-machine guy did for Hector in the movie. I think I get it now. Whether or not I actually do, I still liked it.


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