The American Astronaut (2001)

Isolating oneself in the country for six weeks leaves lots of open time to watch all the movies everyone’s been telling you about for years. The American Astronaut is one such movie. Friends in different circles have raved about this one for a long time, so I was glad to finally have the opportunity to sit down and watch it.

So, how many space-western musicals have you seen? Technically this is my second, since I did see Stingray Samanother of Cory McAbee’s creations, so I knew something about what to expect with this. That being said, it’s still utterly unique, which is always a wonderful thing to watch.

McAbee plays Samuel Curtis, an “interplanetary trader” who’s set forth on a mission to retrieve the corpse of the King of Venus and return it to Earth at his family’s request. The women of Venus, however, will only give up the body if they have a pubescent boy as a replacement King.  Curtis’s pirate pal knows just the kid – The Boy Who Actually Saw a Woman’s Breast, from Jupiter. The only way to get him off Jupiter was to bribe the owner of Jupiter with a “woman” of his own.

None of this, of course, ends up being as easy as it seems. Sam meets some unexpected folks throughout the journey, some new, and some he’s already (unfortunately) acquainted with.

This movie is thoroughly enjoyable. I wish I’d watched it all those years ago when I first heard about it!


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