The Girl Most Likely To… (1973)

When I was a kid, I got all my CDs from BMG. What I remember most about this was the terrible descriptions of the bands in the magazine, like: Imagine if the Counting Crows shook hands with Des’ree in a dark alley. That’s what Green Day sounds like. Now, let’s do it with this movie: Imagine if CarrieShe’s All That and Welcome to the Dollhouse played seven minutes in heaven in a Vegas hotel room’s closet. The outcome would be The Girl Most Likely To… a Joan Rivers-penned made-for-TV movie from 1973, starring Stockard Channing in her first major role.

Before terrible accident…

Channing plays Miriam Knight, an intelligent but terribly unattractive woman. She’s university-hopping in hopes of finding a man. A difficult task, seeing as how no one even notices her, let alone likes her. All social interactions are a disaster: a blind date runs away from her, the jock she’s been forced to tutor leaves her stranded to walk 30 miles back to campus in a rainstorm, her roommate sabotages her one chance at something good, and the only guy in her life who represents even the semblance of a boyfriend heckles her.

It all reaches a head and Miriam can’t take it anymore. She gets in her car to get away – anywhere. She doesn’t end up very far – just the hospital after getting into a terrible accident. Perhaps things aren’t so bad, though, because the plastic

And after… the gift of beauty!

surgeons did a real good number on her, and when she emerges from the gauze she’s a beautiful young woman, prepared to exact revenge on all the foes who’ve made her life miserable.

Honestly, I was totally skeptical when this movie was presented to me. I mean… Joan Rivers? But I soon realized if nothing else it would be loaded with one-liners and witty quips and sure enough, it was – and Channing’s delivery was just right for it. I like how dark this is; I’m actually surprised it was aired on network television. This isn’t a must-see by any means, but I really enjoyed it. If a birdy brings it to your doorstep I’m sure you could sacrifice the 73 minutes to give it a watch. I bet you’ll laugh more than a few times.


2 Responses to “The Girl Most Likely To… (1973)”

  1. 1 ladyfaceladyface
    August 24, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    I wanna see this!

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