Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

Roger Corman does Frankenstein? Ok, I’m in. Easy like pie. Raul Julia as Dr. Frankenstein? Sweet. Michael Hutchence plays Percy Shelley? Seriously? Yes! Bridget Fonda as Mary Shelley… meh… I suppose that’s ok.

So, it’s 2031, and Dr. Joe Buchanan (John Hurt) has been commissioned by the government to make a weapon that will neutralize the enemy without any harmful affects to civilians or the environment. The weapon’s made, but OOPS! It causes freak weather and “time slips,” including incidents where Mongols come out of a rip in the sky (which strongly resembles a vagina, by the way) and wreak havoc in New Los Angeles. Allright, so the prototype didn’t work out so well. Dr Buchanan’s feeling a little guilty. Not long after he realizes he is at fault for the freaky shit going on, he’s sucked up into a sky-vagina of his own making, only to be transported to Switzerland, 1817.

Strange how the folks back in the day don’t find our Doctor out of place. They don’t even seem all that fascinated by his really-fast-and-talking car. Dr. Frankenstein, whom Buchanan meets almost immediately (hey, it’s a short movie) sure does take notice of his digital watch (“It runs on electricity! But it’s so small!) though.

Dr. Frankenstein and his “abomination.”

Yep, in this movie Dr. Frankenstein is real, and he lives in the same city as Mary Shelley and her sexy poet boyfriends. Luckily, they believe in open love, so our Doctor can bone Mary without guilt. What he is guilty about, still, is the havoc he’s caused back in his home time. To make up for it, he wants to atone for science’s biggest sin in 1817, which, of course, would be Frankenstein’s monster.  Buchanan tries saving a young girl who’s set to hang for the murder of a boy. Of course, she is innocent – the monster is guilty, but Dr. Frankenstein isn’t about to admit fault.

This movie is silly, but that’s not surprising, is it? I’d expect nothing less from Corman. Very enjoyable, ultimately. And the monster looks kinda cool. And Michael Hutchence!


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