Terrornauts (1967)

The sci-fi weekend continues with this ridiculous British film from 1967. One totally stuffy astronomer constantly berates our hero, Dr. Burke, for his “frivolous” project Startalk, which attempts to communicate with intelligent

Dr. Burke, a true genius.

beings in outer space. Dr. Burke has just been informed that he has three months to produce something; if he doesn’t, his team will lose access to the telescope, and funding from the Foundation.

Lucky for us, Dr. Burke hears an S.O.S. call the very next day! No one really believes that it’s anything more than noise from a passing satellite, but Burke feels otherwise, and so books the ‘scope to send communication back. That’s when the unthinkable happens: a spaceship comes to earth and lifts the entire Startalk lab into outer space and onto the asteroid from which the communication came! Lucky for us, it wasn’t just our scientists on board; there’s a nagging auditor from the Foundation, and the maid-ish woman who brings everyone tea (played by Patricia Hayes, whom you’ll recognize from The Neverending Story and Willow) who provide us with the intended comic relief. The rest of the

He just needs a woman’s touch.

comic relief comes from the ensuing robots, monsters, aliens and headgear encountered by our ragtag group of

accidental space-tourists.

This is one of the goofiest sci-fi flicks I’ve ever seen! There were definitely several times I couldn’t restrain my laughter at the set design, which is really just a few steps up from Ed Wood. But, don’t get me wrong – this is much better, and much more competent, than an Ed Wood movie. It is just absurd. Well worth your time, if you’re into silly space sci-fi from the sixties. If the pictures don’t get you interested, don’t bother. But how could you resist!


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