Bunker Palace Hotel (1989)

It’s sometime in the future. There’s a revolution going on. There are things exploding and acid rain. There’s an underground hotel where all the elites (aristocrats, politicians, business owners, etc.) have run to to save themselves, but one important man is missing: their leader. Why has he abandoned them?

Rich guy confronts large, mouth-breathing, malfunctioning robot.

The Bunker Palace Hotel is a pretty pathetic place: the helpless elite  are holed up there, left at the mercy of malfunctioning robots, frozen pipes, gray water and infiltrating spies. Their only connection to the outside world are tv sets that only occasionally give them any information. Clara, a revolutionary, has infiltrated the bunker, along with a friend or two, but to what end?

This is a French film from 1989, made just two years after my previous entry, Nightflyers, but it looks so much more impressive, and we didn’t even have to leave earth! This is a movie about so-called revolution and change. Honestly, I couldn’t help but picture the elite of our times (yeah, that Republican guy running for president) holed up in this bunker. Just hope reality isn’t as bleak as this movie turns out to be!



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