Neon Maniacs (1986)

Every once in a while, you know you need to watch a movie just based on the title. How could anyone turn down an opportunity to watch something called Neon Maniacs? I mean, they’re neon. And they’re maniacs. It’s gotta be good, right?

Good might be a strong word. The Neon Maniacs are a group of mutants (?) that plague San Francisco. They include characters such as Doc, Ape and Samurai who live in a tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. They only come out at night, and they slice teens to pieces. Regular humans have only one defense against them, and only three kids know about it. Will the cops ever believe them? 

Ape, my favorite Neon Maniac.

It’s a pretty typical monsterish story, with no real resolution I’m afraid, but the monsters look really good.

Though Samurai is pretty good-looking, too…

It certainly helps if you watch it with a well-versed movie geek, because they can point things out like the fact that two characters are wearing Nostromo hats from Alien, or that one of the kids at the costume party is dressed up as Mister Miracle. I don’t even know who Mister Miracle is.


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