Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural (1973)

2nd in our supernatural-coming-of-age triple feature is Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural. Compared to Valerie this is much more straightforward. They both involve young girls who are confronted with their sexuality and vampires, but other than that I’d say they’re pretty different from one another!

In this story, Lila Lee has been essentially orphaned: her gangster father murdered her mother and mother’s lover. Ever since, she’s been living with the local Reverend. She’s touted as being proof that Jesus can save anyone – even the child of evildoers. She is advertised on the church marquee as having the voice of an angel. All is seemingly well until our little angel gets a letter from a woman named Lemora, asking her to come and see her father, who is dying and wants to be forgiven for his evil deeds.

So starts Lila on an odyssey to Astaroth. When she attempts to hitch a ride from a guy in the middle of the night, he tells her to scram, as he ogles her and says “before I change my mind.” She hitches on as a stowaway and overhears conversation between the man and his lady about how the Reverend must be having a real hell of a time containing his sexual urges around such a lovely young lady like Lila Lee. These interactions are Lila’s first peek into the lecherous minds of adult men.

For a blood-sister, not all that bad…

From here, she takes a bus to see her father. After a scrape with some zombie/vampire looking fellas in the woods, she makes it to her destination, where she is holed up in a room and fed by a crazy old woman for a few days, until she can take no more and escapes. Now she finally meets Lemora, a strange old bird who wants to become her “blood-sister”…

I must say, this movie reminded me an awful lot of Teeth, which I loved, and as a result will end up being a fourth in the supernatural-coming-of-age marathon. I don’t say that just because there are vampires in this movie. A lot of the same angelic-girl-turned-evil-by-the-world themes are shared in the two.

really liked this movie. It was not as beautiful or challenging as Valerie, which I inevitably have to compare it to as it is part of the same set, but that doesn’t take away from its worth – it is just a different movie. And a very good one at that. Another winner. Maybe supernatural-coming-of-age will have to be a favorite genre of mine…


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