Carnival of Souls (1962)

I’d seen this movie for the first time maybe a year or two ago, and I liked it quite a bit. How fortuitous that Q and I ran into a copy of it at our favorite thrift store for $3! After a second viewing, I’m happy to say I liked this even better the second time around.

Surprise! Mary crawls out of the river.

The movie starts with three young ladies in a car, challenged to a drag race (of course there’s a drag race, it’s 1962!). The drag race ends when the ladies drive off the bridge and crash into the water. As cops search the river for the wreckage, everyone on the scene is surprised to see that there is a survivor; Mary climbs out of the depths, in shock.

After surviving the traumatic incident, Mary leaves town. A professional organist, she’s taken a job at a church in Utah. When asked if she’ll visit her parents before she leaves, she answers no. When her new boss wants to give a party in her honor, she says no. When her neighbor wants to take her out to dinner, she says no. Seems Mary isn’t interested in meeting or socializing with anyone. The only thing she is interested in is an abandoned carnival down the road, and a mysterious man that seems to be following her around…

I don’t want to say too much; I’m afraid I’ll spoil it. But I will say I think this movie is creepy and engaging . It looks really good, too!


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