Wild at Heart (1990)

We’ve been dancing around David Lynch for the last two weeks, so I thought it was finally time to make Q sit down and face Wild at Heart, which happens to be my favorite Lynch. If last night’s movie, Black Moon, can be touted as “An apocalyptic Alice in Wonderland” then Wild at Heart is its Wizard of Oz

Bobby Peru, the creepiest of creeps.

counterpart, with Nicolas Cage to boot.

Story goes like this: Sailor loves Lula. Lula loves Sailor. Lula’s evil momma wants Sailor dead. Sailor is too badass to die. Sailor goes to jail. Sailor gets out of jail. Sailor and Lula skip town and follow the yellow brick road to Big Tuna, TX, where the creepiest of creeps live!

This is loaded with sex, violence, and all of your favorite Lynch actors. Cage is, as always, incredibly over the top, but for some reason it works here. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the Elvis renditions? I hadn’t seen this in a few years and I’m glad to say that it still stays at the top of my Lynch list!


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