Dr. Caligari (1989)

After disappointing ourselves with a Cronenberg film that wasn’t a Cronenberg film at all, we needed to cleanse the palate. I was thinking something totally off-the-wall, something goofy, something weird. I paged through the movie posters and came across Dr. Caligari. I knew it would be the right choice! I’m not even sure how to begin describing this; first: it’s not a remake of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, which I’ve never actually seen (I know, I know: who am I to blog about movies when I’ve never even seen that. Whatever, shut up!). Second: it’s more choreographed like a stage production than a movie, which usually would irk the hell out of me but it worked really well here. Third: it’s extremely stylized (and, boy, you can tell it was made in 1989!). I was reminded, again, of The Forbidden Zone, and also of Liquid Television’s Dogboy.

The movie’s about a mad scientist whose experiments on live patients have gone too far. She is too powerful to stop, and all hell breaks loose by the end of the movie, which climaxes with Dr. Caligari giving her patients hypothalmus injections.

Because this movie is super-raunchy, dirty, and weird, I can’t say I’d recommend it to many. There were definitely Cronenberg overtones here, which was welcome after the Fast Company debacle, but it’s even weirder than that. If you’ve got an open mind and are looking for something unique, give this a try, but don’t blame me if it turns you off!

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