The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

We’d planned on going to see this long before I even arrived here in Montana. I never would have thought I’d actually write a post about it. Let’s get real, who isn’t going to write about this movie? I remember when The Dark Knight came out every jerk off the street wrote a “review” of it. All that being said, I never thought I’d have such strong feelings about The Dark Knight Rises, and so I’m compelled to put them to screen.

I’m not going to lie – I liked its predecessor The Dark Knight quite a lot when I first saw it. I saw it again right before going in for the sequel and I still liked it, though I remembered that I was rather bothered by its message at the end – that the people just can’t be trusted with the truth about Harvey Dent – the people “need a hero” in order to give them “hope” and keep them “inspired.” In other words, they must be lied to so that they can be kept under control. Otherwise, hell, everyone might go apeshit. Well, The Dark Knight Rises sure takes up where the last one left off and shows us that’s exactly the case. Bane, the super-baddie in this film, takes over Heinz Field and gives “the power back to the people.” What do the “people” do when they have “the power?” Well, they riot. They loot. They murder. They “sentence” those who have supposedly commited crimes against them and give them the option of “exile” or “death.” Clearly, the citizens of Gotham cannot be trusted with “true freedom.” Their only hope, of course, is if everyone’s favorite richie Bruce Wayne can claw himself out of a hole, put on a cape, nix the guy who’s started this “revolution” and put the boys in blue back in control. 

It’s impossible not to watch this movie and see this as a metaphor for Occupy Wall Street. And at a time when I believe “regular people” should be receiving positive messages about the possibility of positive change, this movie spits in our faces. Nolan tells us that the people can’t be expected to do the right thing on their own – they need true leaders to keep them in line, they need people who can decide what truths should be known and what truths should be fabricated and dispersed. What’s worse, the millions of people sitting on those theaters seem to love it! They’re sopping it up like butter! Limbaugh calls this an “Anti-Romney Conspiracy?” Is he kidding? This is Romney’s wet dream! A veritable feast for the conservatives, and we’re all lapping it up!

Look, I don’t normally have such politically-charged feelings about films, but this just smacks you right in the face with politics. And it makes me angry. I hope Nolan wasn’t pulling our legs when he said this is the last Batman movie he’ll ever make.


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